Brisbane Escourts | 3 Amazing Foreplay Tips That You May Haven’t Tried Yet

If you haven’t done foreplay all your life, then forgive me for calling you a wimp! But then again, if you do foreplay regularly, rejoice because foreplay is a very important component of sexual pleasure. And since guys can take just 3 minutes to orgasm during sex, the ladies need a little more time and a lot of TLC to climax! Here’s a look at a couple more amazing foreplay tips that you may haven’t tried yet.

Start Early

To make your erotic adventures in bed more pleasurable with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Brisbane Escourts, it would help if you start early, especially when it comes to foreplay!

Brisbane Escourts

You could do this by sending each other a sultry text message to start of the day, telling each other what you’ll be doing to your partner when she comes home tonight. But if you’re having trouble thinking of the right erotic words to send to your partner, you could check out a lot of Best Example Sexts online to get your creative juices flowing!

Do Hands-Free Massage

The next foreplay tip would be to give each other the greatest rubdown of your lives, but without using your hands! You could do this by stroking your partner’s body with your chest or tummy (And she could stroke you using her breasts!), or you could straddle each other from the front or back, and drape your hair over each other’s chest!

Put on a Toy Show

To make foreplay more fun and exciting, as well as refreshing, take out your favourite sex toys and stimulate each other in your most intimate private parts! According to sex experts, incorporating a sex toy into your sex life will go a long, long way towards bridging the gap between you and your partner’s orgasms.

And when you’re in the middle of foreplay with your girlfriend, or lovely Brisbane Escourts Online, use the power of communication, and tell each other what it is you like, and how you enjoy being touched. Knowing that you and your partner are doing something right will most likely want you both to keep doing foreplay every night!

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