Brisbane Escourts | 3 Costly Foreplay Errors That Guys Should Avoid At All Cost

What would sex be, without foreplay? Well, it would perhaps look and feel mechanical, or utter lifeless. On its own, sex is very much mechanical, where the guy inserts his penis into the girl’s vagina, and etcetera. But instead of boring yourself and your partner with the same opening act over and over again, why don’t you rev up the quality of foreplay! But before doing just about anything, here are a few reminders of the costly foreplay errors to avoid, at all cost.

Brisbane EscourtsFocusing On Just One Spot Or Area
In foreplay, it pays to focus on all potential erotic spots, because you shouldn’t just focus on one spot and act business-like, when you should be acting like a lover! Just ask your female friends, or your favourite Brisbane Escourts, on what constitutes real foreplay!

According to sex experts, it pays to explore the non-sexual parts of your partner’s body, and guys could do this by caressing, licking and nibbling her erogenous zones like the neck, back, ears, belly, wrists and others.

Talking Excessively
Another thing that can easily wreck up foreplay is talking too much. And while foreplay is as verbal as it is physical, sometimes it can be very easy to go overboard saying nothing but unsexy stuff. According to one sex expert, weird or clichéd phrases can often cause the mood to die out quickly.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you keep the dirty talk simple and personal. For example, pick or choose a body part and tell her how sexy you think it is, or describe a fantasy that you have which involves her.

Going Too Hard Or Too Fast
When doing foreplay, remember that there’s no need to rush, or do things too fast (unless you’re actually doing a quickie in a dark alley!) Remember that most women, including your favourite Brisbane Escourts, require at least 15 minutes of sensual warm-up time, thus, if you speed things up, it would definitely send the wrong message to her – that you’re callous and uncaring!

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