Brisbane Escourts – 3 Sex Positions She Badly Needs in Bed

When it comes to sex, women sometimes have the desire to take control or dominate the action. According to Brisbane Escourts, it’s one way for them to help themselves get into the peak. That’s why, as much as possible, you need to give her the driver’s seat. That way, she’ll experience the kind of sex she have always wanted. Below are sex positions that you need to try with her tonight!

The Good Old Missionary
It might have a reputation as the so-called boring sex position, but it can arguably be the best one for women to achieve orgasm. In fact, most women will say good ol’ fashioned missionary is their very favorite of all positions. There’s nothing fancy about it, but many women say they love the closeness and the intimacy of having their partner’s weight on them. It also gives them the ability to kiss, talk and nibble — not to mention a lot of clit stimulation.

Brisbane Escourts
But before you hop on and start moving up and down, it’s best to men to work on the angle. That Instead of going straight in and out, you should be going diagonally. There’s more friction for clitoral stimulation this way, which is how most women achieve orgasm.

The 69
In its essence, mutually satisfying one another orally seems simple enough. Lots of men think that getting into 69 is just a matter of flipping directions. In actuality, there’s a bit more nuance required. Keep in mind that there are a few things to get the hang of (with practice, of course): not putting too much pressure on your partner while moving positions, watching where your testicles are (no one wants to get slapped in the face mid-orgasm), good hygiene and that you don’t thrust too deep inside of her that it gets her out of the mood. Remember, it’s about both of you getting turned on and preparing for sex — not just about getting a blow job in a new position.

The Cowgirl
There’s no doubt about it, the view from girl-on-top riding is pretty great and probably makes you incredibly turned on. But while that straddle is intense for you, to give her the same satisfaction, it’s important to be present throughout the experience. Touch her clit, fondle her breasts and pull her toward you for a passionate kiss while you raise your hips up and down.

Just like you don’t like when your partner isn’t fully engaged in sex, your girl wants to know how passionate you’re feeling in positions too. Remember that cowgirl is a good chance for you to work on sexual power balance because you’re letting your lady take the lead, all while showing her how it’s working for you.

Try these sex positions tonight and you’ll the wonders they do. Call Brisbane Escourts to learn more about these kinds of tricks!

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