Brisbane Escourts – 4 Helpful Rules to Live By, For Guys with Small Dicks

Whether you agree or not, the truth is that not all men (and even women) are created equal. Thus, some guys have well-chiselled abs, while others are reed thin. And of course, while some guys have large porn star-like dicks, some guys have cute and tiny wieners!   And if you’re one of those who are blessed with having a small dick, do not fret, but instead continue to be happy and glad that you still have what resembles a shaft! Here are 4 helpful rules to live by, for guys with small dicks.

Honour Thy Little Dick

Brisbane Escourts

Who cares if you’ve got a small dick, as long as you know how to effectively pleasure your girlfriend, hookup partner, and even your most preferred Red Hot Escourts Brisbane. Well, the first rule to live by simply means that you cannot be loved if you do not love yourself!

Guys with a small manhood should also remember that a lack of confidence matters more than any perceived lack of length. Confidence starts by daring to love yourself even if you think others don’t. So go ahead and give you little wiener a hug!

Thou Shalt Find Penises Funny

While there are lots of shameful and discouraging small “dick” jokes out there, remember that it still pays to be humorous, because a good laugh can effectively release tension, and a lot of small dick jokes are actually very funny too!

You Are Not Alone

If you got a small dick, then don’t feel bad about it because you are not alone! According to recent statistics, an estimated 68% of men are between 4.5 and 6 inches, while the remaining 16% have dick sizes of less than 4.5 inches.

Learn to Explore, Experiment and Discover

Who cares if you got a small dick, when you can actually explore new ways to satisfy your lady, and discover new erotic techniques in the process too. According to most sex experts, “great sex is exploration, wherever it takes you”.

So, why not compliment your cute wiener with some sex toys, or you could even try doing anal? Finally, as long as you know how to turn your girlfriend or lovely Brisbane Escourts on, you should probably do well in bed, and they won’t mind if you got a cute dick!

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