Brisbane Escourts – 4 Tips On Sending Sleazy Texts To Girls You Plan To Hook Up With

If you like someone, or let’s say you’ve got the hots for a girl, how do you start opening up to her? Do you begin by sending dirty or sexy texts at the onset? But since you don’t know anything yet about the girl’s bedroom style (or sexual desires) and all you have at your arsenal is your imagination, here are a couple of helpful tips on how to send sleazy texts to girls you plan to hook up with.

Brisbane EscourtsMake Sure She’s Intested In Sleeping With You
No matter how technically or creatively crafted, a dirty or sleazy text will not work wonders, if the woman is not interested in you! The truth is that she actually needs to be already into you, for the sexting to work. But if the dirty texts don’t achieve their goal, why don’t you call the lovely Brisbane Escourts instead, and enjoy hours of pure sensual excitement?

If you keep sending dirty texts to the girl, and she’s not interested in you, then she’ll likely send screenshots to her friends (or worse to the police), and tell everyone how “weird” and scary you are!

And if you plan to send sleazy texts to a co-worker, or to someone you interact with on a daily basis, don’t do this unless you’ve already talked about sleeping together, or have gotten a bit “close” already!

Ask The Lady What She Likes
If you’re already raring to go, and send her sleazy texts, perhaps you could start by asking her what her favourite bedroom activites are. By asking her what shes into, and what she’s done already (or plans to do soon), it will make her think that you’re really interested in her, and you’re likely to be a considerate lover.

Compliment How She Looks
The next step would be to talk about her body, and complement how nice or sexy she looks. Even if you haven’t seen her naked yet, you can still tell her how sexy she looked in her dress last night, and make sure you be more specific about your comments, instead of just blurting out generic compliments.

Do Not Shock Her
Like in all forms of communication, sexting is a delicate art, and one slightly wrong move can mess things up. Thus, you should be descriptive about regular, rather conservative sex acts first, instead of delving deeper into more sinsiter forms, like bondage. By starting out slowly and cautiously, you’ll learn what he likes or hates, and you’ll slowly find out what she truly desires in bed.

And of course, since you’ve already given her a rather beefed-up and sexy persona of yourself, through sexting, make sure you continue the same sexy persona in real life. Or, you could just pick up from where you left off in the texting realm. Or if you’d like to have a hasle-free and more fun experience (minus the long prepping times, and the countless sexting), why don’t you give the lovely Brisbane Escourts a call?

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