Brisbane Escourts – 5 Tips to Pleasure Her Orally

In sex, going below the belt is something both male and female partners like to do – and the other party welcomes it avidly. The voluptuous ladies showcased in the pages of Brisbane Escourts agree that getting oral from a guy is great for clit stimulation. The wetter down there, the more mind-blowing the sex will be later.

Brisbane EscourtsHere are a few ways to take oral sex to a new level, and get your woman wanting more.

1. Stay clothed.

Few things are more arousing than having sex while still dressed. Have your partner sit on a table, counter, or a bench, then kneel in front of her. She can take off her panties, or leave them on. If she does the latter, simply push them out of the way and have your fun.

2. Give her a boost.

Try changing your angle of entry by placing a pillow under hips. This will alter the shape, making it easier for you to reach certain areas with your tongue. You can also help rev her engine more by breaking out a little vibrating pal. Two sensations at once will get her dripping in no time.

3. Play with your tongue.

Everyone has different preferences, so find out what hers are by experimenting with different pressure, speeds, and movement. The tip of your tongue, the flat side, and the edge of it will give her various sensations, so feel free to switch it up a bit.

4. Play with her.

Don’t take that tip literally; she isn’t a sex toy, after all. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore her nether regions. Some girls like to focus on their little hood ornament; others get off from stimulating the labia. Since you can’t always stop to ask her what feels good, take your cue from her moans (or her silence).

5. Stand her up.

Lie down and then ask your foxy partner to kneel over you, with her cunt within easy reach of your mouth. Prop your head up with a pillow or two, and then let the good times roll. The blood rushing to her privates will only increase the orgasmic sensations.

The sensual vixens at Brisbane Escourts are professionals when it comes to erotic pleasures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show them a good time when going down on them. So browse the gallery, find the perfect partner, and let your bodies do the talking.

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