Brisbane Escourts – An In-Depth Look At The Minds Of People Who Have Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

We all know that sex is something that couples do on a regular basis, not just for procreation, but for fulfilling their sensual and erotic desires too. However, like anything else that’s done in excess, sex can be bad for the mind and body too. Here’s a brief, but somehow in-depth look at what goes on in the mind of a person who suffers from compulsive sexual behaviour.

Brisbane EscourtsThree Areas Behave Erratically In A Sex Addict’s Brain
If the current rate of sex with your spouse, or with your favourite Brisbane Escourts, is not enough for you any more, or if you have an uncontrollable obsession with sexual thoughts and action, then you may be suffering from compulsive sexual behaviour.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge used MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging brain scans, to assess the brain activity of 19 individuals who had compulsive sexual behaviour, and compared them to the same number of healthy people. The two groups were also made to watch a pornographic movie.

The researchers found out that the brains of patients who suffered from compulsive sexual behaviours “lit up” in an erratic or abnormal manner as compared to the second group of healthy individuals. The three regions that lit up in the brains of compulsive sexual behaviour patients were the ventral striatum, dorsal anterior cingulate and amygdala, which are parts of the brain that are involved with motivation, reward and craving.

The findings by the University of Cambridge researchers further added weight to the notion that sex addiction is a real medical disorder, and that the patient’s behaviour also has a negative impact on their social functions, as well as their psychological make-up.

One In 25 Adults Are Affected By Compulsive Sexual Behaviours
According to sexual health researchers, an estimated one in 25 adults are believed to be affected by compulsive sexual behaviour, which is officially defined as an uncontrolled obsession with sexual thoughts, actions or feelings. People who suffer from it often have a tough time dealing with feelings of shame, guilt and remorse.

The treatment option for patients who suffer from compulsive sexual behaviours is pretty much the same as treating chemical dependency, since most substance abusers also suffer varying degrees of sexual addiction.

Some patients may require in-patient or residential treatment, which could go for weeks, to protect patients from being exposed to sexual images or situations that trigger sexual compulsion.
But if you don’t have any problem with compulsive sexual behaviour, then relax, and continue with your otherwise healthy sex life! And to brighten things up, maybe you could try browsing the galleries of Brisbane Escourts, and find the loveliest women who can brighten up even your dullest and loneliest nights!

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