Brisbane Escourts – Body Parts That Women Wished Their Partners Would Touch More

Most men think that women only get aroused when they touch, kiss or fondle their vagina, breasts and butt. But what most men don’t know is that women have pleasure sensors all over their body, and are not just concentrated in the three areas mentioend earlier. By stimulating the other often-neglected parts of the woman’s body, guys will not only be giving their partners extra pleasure but they’l get a lot of extra brownie points too! Here’s a quick look at the parts women would like their guys to pay more attention with.

Brisbane EscourtsBehind The Knees
Looking to make your partner, or even your lovely Brisbane Escourts, groan and grunt with delight? Then don’t forget to stimulate the area behind her knees! It’s because this area contains lots of sensitive nerve endings, and gently caressing it under her skirt while the two of you are in public will make her ready once you get home, or into a motel room.

The Palm Of Her Hands
Most guys and girls use their hands as tools for pleasuring their partners, but they don’t know that it’s actually a greatspot to pleasure too! The palm of a woman’s hand actually contain lots of pleasure-releasing nerve endings. The guy can trace his fingers along the palm of her hand, to give her a delightful, sensual shiver, without makign her feel uncomfortable.

Many women love it when their guys lick, kiss and tease their inner thighs, as well as the area around their pelvis. However, some men just can’t resist the urge to quickly slip down her vagina, which is so close behind! Just make sure you prolong the sensation in this region, before quickly going for the main prize.

The neck is one great place to turn on a woman. Most women love the sensation when guys lick their neck from top to bottom, or bite the nape of their neck as he’s doing them doggy style. It’s because the neck has the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle, which connects the base of the skull to the sternum, and makes women feel oh-so-good!

Apart from containing wax, the woman’s ears are also home to lots of peasrue-making nerve endings. It’s even known to have more than 120 acupressure points! Perhaps you should try nibbling or licking your partner’s, or your lovely Brisbane Escourts ears, and whisper lots of sweet nothings too!

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