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If you’ve read one of the articles in one of Playboy Magazine’s recent issues, you’d probably be surprised at the current figures about flirting and infidelity. It says that 2 out of 3 women, and 3 out of 4 men, admit to having sexual thoughts about a co-worker, and 81% of women and 86% of men admit to routinely flirting with the opposite sex. Based on these figures, it would perhaps be safe to say that the number of people committing infidelity today are on the rise. Let’s look at the current data on infidelity, which can even ruffle the feathers of the occasionally promiscuous.

Brisbane EscourtsBetween 50% – 70% Of Married Men Have Cheated On Their Wives
According to recent figures, between 50 to 70 percent of married men today have cheated, or will cheat, on their spouses. One study even noted that 2/3 of wives whose husbands cheated had no idea that their husbands were having an affair, since they were unable to see the tell-tale signs. Perhaps many women won’t consider men who go out on occasions with hot and lovely Brisbane Escourts to be having an adulterous affair!

Infidelity Hounds 41% of Marriages Today
Here are more jaw-dropping facts and figures about infidelity. According to another independent study, spouses admit to infidelity (either physically or emotionally) in 41 percent of marriages today, with 57% of men admitting their fault, while 54% of women say they’ve done it too.

Around 22% of married men (and 14% of married women) also admit to have strayed at least once during their married lives, while 36% of men and women today have admitted to having an affair with a co-worker.

And according to renowned author Peggy Vaughan, who wrote “The Monogamy Myth”, some 50% to 65% of husbands and 45% to 55% of wives become extra-maritally involved by the age of 40.

Around 35% of guys and girls who go on regular business trips also admit to committing infractions while out of town, while 17% of men and women today admit to having an affair with a brother-in-law or sister-in-law!

The Internet Is Playing A Major Role in The Rising Infidelity Levels
If you’re looking to blame someone else for the rising number of infidelity, well you could pin the blame on the Internet. According to relationship experts, around 70% of time on the Worldwide Web is spent in chat rooms or sending emails, which are mostly romantic or sexual, in nature.

Due to the affordability, accessibility and anonymity afforded by the Internet, those who have a history of sexual compulsivity can easily do their thing, minus the risk of getting caught by their partners or spouses.

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