Brisbane Escourts – Helpful Hints on How to Get Rid of “Blue Balls”

If you’ve tried getting all hot and ready for action in bed, but you suddenly stopped, or lost interest all of a sudden, perhaps you got so shocked or surprised to find out that your ball has literally turned blue! Yes, there is a condition called “blue balls”, and in medical circles it’s called involuntary testicular vasocongestion, which happens when the male sex organs are not able to release the blood that swells during the arousal process. Here are a couple of helpful hints on how to treat, or get rid of, blue balls.

Brisbane EscourtsWhy Does it Happen?

I think you’d be real embarrassed or pissed off if you suddenly lost steam in bed, and got your balls all blue! But then again, I guess your hookup partner, or your favourite Brisbane Escourts, would understand why this happened to you, because there is indeed a medical condition called blue balls!

According to health experts, when men are sexually aroused, their organs start to swell with blood, which is necessary for penile erection,, but that blood is not released until either after a short period of time, or if the guy is close to orgasm. The health experts further added that when you become aroused sans release, you are stuck with so much blood in your male member. And if there’s too much oxygenated blood in the penis, this will make the testicles look blue, which explains how the phenomenon got its name.

What Segment of The Male Populace Gets Affected by Blue Balls?

Most sex and reproductive health experts agree that the more you are easily aroused, the more likely you will suffer from the wrath of blue balls. The condition affects young teenage men the most, because young men are more easily stimulated, and experience constant erections, and probably lots of “outercourse” and heavy petting, and thereby not much release.

The sex experts also stressed that a guy’s jerk-off technique or method of choice could also lead to higher chances of having blue balls down the road, especially if the guy is squeezing his member too hard!

How Do You Treat Blue Balls?

The quickest way to treat blue balls would be to rub one out, of simply become un-aroused. The sex experts further added that if a guy is experiencing that vasocongestion, the only thing that will alleviate it is if they walk away from feeling aroused.

And if you just concluded a date that had a lot of making out, but ended with no sex, then it would be better to jerk off once you get home, so your balls won’t turn blue! Too bad you should have dated the lovely and voluptuous Brisbane Escourts instead!

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