Brisbane Escourts | Ingenious & Easy-To-Apply Ideas For Joining The Mile High Club

Have you ever planned on joining the ”Mile High Club”? Nope, this isn’t an airline rewards plan or program, where you get free airfare for every credit card points you accumulate. In fact, the Mile High Club refers to those who love having sexual intercourse while flying on-board an aircraft (i.e. passenger plane). For some, the term will refer to people who have fantasies about flight attendants or pilots, or those who have a fetish about planes. For others, the Mile High Club refers to the thrill of doing anything taboo in-flight, or the thrill of being caught by airline staff. Here are a couple of ingenious and easy-to-apply ideas for joining the Mile High Club.

Brisbane EscourtsPlan Ahead & Select The Right Flight
Don’t ever think of squeezing in a quickie on a low-cost carrier, or going down and dirty during the holidays, because you just might get caught by everyone else! For safe and sizzling in-flight erotic fun, make sure you plan ahead, choose the right flight, and perhaps bring along your preferred Brisbane Escourts!

Instead of planning your in-flight tryst on short flights, it would be much better if you catch an ultra long-haul flight instead. Long-haul flights use larger airplanes, which often have more lavatories or toilets than you’ll know what to do with it.

And with more lavatories to choose from, you and your partner will have lesser chances of being bothered by nosy passengers. And what’s great is that apart from the toilets, long-haul flights offer the prospect of empty stalls and rows of seats too. For example, a 747-400 airplane will usually be big and spacious, and would likely be half-full on a long-haul night flight. Now wouldn’t this be a great place for doing extended on-air quickies?

Take Turns When Entering The Lavatory
Once you’ve found the perfect spot for doing the airline quickie, make sure you don’t crowd onto the toilet together, but instead take turns in entering the area (to attract the least amount of attention possible).

After scouting the plane, determine a code, or agree on the number of times you’re going to knock, before she opens the door just enough for you to slide in discreetly. And once you’re done, go out one by one, without showing any emotion, or any post-orgasm ecstasy!

Dress Appropriately
And once you’ve already planned everything, and made sure that you won’t be drawing any undue attention, the next step would be to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Now for the appropriate attire, wear shorts, slip-on rubber shoes or anything that’s easily removable and replaceable. And since you’ll be making out on a public toilet (which of course still sounds gross) make sure you bring stuff like hand sanitisers, face wipes or extra tissue.

And of course, leave your bags and other carry-on luggage safely tucked in the overhead compartment, so that you won’t be tugging anything on the way to the lavatory.

And if you feel like there’s a high risk of getting busted, then don’t be afraid to abort the mission. But if you don’t have a partner in-flight, don’t fret, because once you land you could easily call the lovely Brisbane Escourts!

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