Brisbane Escourts | Nigeria & Mexico Top The Sexual Happiness Indicator, While Japan Remains The Least Happy

In any given second, millions of people all over the world are having sex. However, the quality of each nationality’s sex life differs, and this of course is due to each country’s culture and tradition. But who tops the sexual happiness indicator? According to two surveys conducted by global condom-maker Durex, the Nigerians and Mexicans top the list of the most happy, while Japan infamously tops the least-happy. Let’s take a look at why these two countries are on top, and why Japan is so lonely at the bottom.

Brisbane EscourtsNigerians & Mexicans Have More Exciting Sex
The survey conducted by Durex surprisingly notes that Mexico and Nigeria beat everyone else in the sexual happiness category. In Mexico, many men and women say that they are respected during the act, followed by Brazil and Spain. Perhaps the guys in Australia should have been included in the top 5 too, because they got lots of lovely and sexy Brisbane Escourts down under!

Not much reason was given on why Nigerians live truly happy sex lives, although it was learned that the interviews were done in person, and not through telephone or over the Internet.

The Japanese Have The Saddest Sex Lives
While famed for their productivity and work ethic, what’s real sad is that the Japanese lie at the bottom of the sexual happiness index. Despite the presence of “pink salons”, “delivery health” services and “soaplands”, the Japanese still remain unhappy with their sexual lives.

The reason for this is that the Japanese are not just doing it as frequently as the others. For example, only 34% of Japanese men and women report having sex weekly, as compared to 53% in the United States, or 76% in Italy.

And while Japan still reports the longest average working hours in the world, what makes things bad is that if ever they have sex, they say it’s infrequent, and unsatisfying. The long working hours has also made intimate physical contact between spouses or romantic partners so infrequent, that some of the nation’s home builders are now creating houses that have separate bedrooms for husbands and wives.

Another major contributor to Japan’s unhappy sex life is that the economy is experiencing very slow growth, and unemployment is at record highs. This makes the Japanese people overworked, underemployed, under-married, and sexually unhappy.

According to the Durex surveys, which were commissioned to Harris Interactive, and conducted in 2007, 2008 and 2012, people in Asia also tend to be quite old when they lose their virginity, as compared to global standards. This is perhaps because in most South Asian countries, many girls are married at a young age to older men.

Regardless of how other nationalities view their sexuality, you should take pride in what you’re doing at home, and enjoy your sex life to the fullest! What better way to do this, than by browsing through the galleries of Brisbane Escourts! Here, you’ll find the loveliest, and most pleasing women in your part of town.

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