Brisbane Escourts – The Most Convenient Positions for Sex in Cars, Tents, Closets & Dressing Rooms

What’s so nice and exciting about the great outdoors, that’s luring many people today to the thrills (and spills) of risky sex? While some have sex outdoors just for the heck of it, for others it’s because they’ve got so turned on, that they just can’t wait to get home! However, you don’t want to get sexy out in the open for everyone too see. Thus, here’s a peek at the best and most convenient positions for sex in cars, closets, tents and dressing rooms.

Brisbane EscourtsThe Doggy Dash & Backseat Mission For Cars

If you and your girlfriend, or lovely Brisbane Escourts plan to get down and dirty in a car, save yourself the clumsiness (and potential injuries) by trying out these simple yet fun car sex positions – The Doggy Dash and Backseat Mission.

To do the Doggy Dash, the guy sits in the passenger seat, and his girl sits back on him, but facing forward and with her hands balancing on the dashboard. In the Backseat Mission, the woman lies back on the back seat with her legs in the air. The guy enters her like the missionary position, but with her legs over his shoulders.

Spooning Is Best For Tent Sex

For those who love going down and dirty in the great outdoors, nothing comes close as doing it in a tent! The best position for this spot would be spooning side-by-side. But if there’s a tent near yours, both partners need to be discreet, and keep the moans of pleasure on mute. But don’t be piqued, as silent sex can actually be extra sensual!

The Standing Doggy Style Is Great For Sex In Closets

Closets are great places for having discreet sex too. But with clothes and other stuff falling over the place during the activity, things can get a little rough.  That’s why most sex experts suggest that couples do the Standing Doggy Style, or Hang Ten position!

The Standing Face-To-Face Is Perfect For Dressing Room Sex

Dressing rooms, especially in malls, are exciting places to have risky sex. With space constraints hoggling partners, the best position would be the Standing Face-To-Face pose, with the girl on top of the room’s bench, so that her feet won’t show.

Just make sure that you and your girlfriend, or lovely Brisbane Escourts, attempt this in a fitting room that has a sturdy door, so you can securely lock it!

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