Brisbane Escourts | The Newest & Sweetest Body Spots That Can Help Elevate Foreplay

In conventional terms, “foreplay” is defined as “a set of emotional and physically intimate acts between two or more people, and is meant to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity”. And depending on the type and intensity of the relationship between two or more individuals, the foreplay can range from simple kissing and nibbling to touching, and pleasuring of various body parts or genitals. But when you touch your partner in a familiar way all the time, this could lead to your partner’s body becoming “desensitised”, and what you’re doing may no longer feel arousing. Here’s a tour of the newest and sweetest body spots that can provide effective, and truly pleasurable foreplay.

Brisbane EscourtsSweet Spot #1 – The Sides Of The Torso
Instead of kissing, fondling and nibbling the usual areas of your girlfriend, or preferred Brisbane Escourts body, why don’t you try focusing on the sides of her torso? You could start by snaking your tongue or fingers from the bottom of the rib cage to the hips, as there’s a powerful nerve here that, when stimulated, connects directly to her clitoris!

And when you touch or nibble on this area, it causes your partner’s pelvic floor muscles to contract (which happens to both men and women), and this of course increases arousal. However, you may need to use a firmer touch here, because the area is more ticklish than the other spots. Begin on one side, like underneath her rib cage, and stroke as well as alternately kiss or nibble your way down to the hipbone.

Sweet Spot #2 – The Lower Back’s Pleasure Mound
The lower back, especially the base of the spine, is filled with lots of pleasure nerves, which could easily be triggered with a sexy rubdown. For starters, begin nibbling or touching at the shoulder blades, then work your hands down in a kneading motion.

At the lower back, try switching to a softer touch, and lightly move your fingers over the base, as this spot is so receptive that even the softest touch will surely send chills all over her body! You can also try brushing the tips of your hair against her skin, and then switch to softly scratching your fingernails gently across it, to heighten the sensation.

Sweet Spot #3 – The Thigh’s Teasing Trails
According to foreplay experts, the body’s most explosive nerves are located at the top of the inner thigh, and this one’s called the ilioinguinal nerve, which is very much sensitive to touch. However, save this part for last, and instead lick your finger and slowly draw it from the mid-inner thigh to the top, and then follow the trail you just moved on with your tongue, and slowly tease your way to the thigh’s upper regions. And since the skin here is so tender, be surprised as to how she reacts!

Sweet Spot #4 – The Area Between The Jawline & Shoulders
Before you get lost in all that sensual foreplay, remember that the entire region between your partner’s jawline and shoulders is a certified erogenous zone. However, the most sensitive spot here would be that little indentation where the neck connects with the collarbone.

In this area, the skin is much thinner and there’s not much concentration of fatty tissue underneath. Thus, any nibbling, kissing and fondling here will create extra strong sensations, which will make your partner, or your favourite Brisbane Escourts, shake, and cringe with extreme delight of course!

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