Brisbane Escourts – The Priciest Sex Toys Of The Modern Era

A three thousand dollar wooden bondage whip. A $2,500 prostate massager, and a million-dollar dildo. If you think these are just fictional items, well they’re not. In fact, you’ll find these costly yet stylish and well-constructed sex toys in many high-class sex shops or stores today! Here’s a peek at a few of the world’s most expensive sex toys and gadgets.

Brisbane EscourtsSterling Silver and Cherry Wood Spanking Rod
Will you dare buy a wodden stick for spanking, at three thoudand dollars? Well, if you’re earning over a million or more annually, or you’re a true-blue bondage fanatic, perhaps you’d have no qualms in getting the Sterling Silver and Cherry Wood Spanking Rod, which goes for $3,066! I’m sure you and your partner, or favourite Brisbane Escourts, will enjoy getting some expensive, sensual paddling!

The Lelo Earl Prostate Massager
A guy’s prostate should never be ignored or taken for granted. That’s why there’s a 24-K gold-plated sex toy for massaging it, but it would cost you $2,590. The prostate toy from Lelo Earl is kept in an elegant wooden gift box, and comes with extra items like a satn pouch and matching cufflinks. The toy also comes with a one-year warranty, which should help guarantee extended pleasure!

The Betony Vernon Unicorn Butt Plug
Here’s another unique unique creation from the Betony Vernon line of sex toys – the Unicorn Butt Plug. The butt plug costs $3,475, and comes with authentic horse tail. Along with a silver spiral shaft that resembles a unicorn. The butt plug’s head resembles a horn, and the mane is realy soft, which makes the user feel like he or she were flyging high with the mystical beast!

The Dream Love Chair
While the early versions of the love chair were believed to be made for people who have physical disabilities or deformities that hinder them from enjoying the best sex positions, the newer versions today are found in the popular motels and love hotels. One’s called the Dream Love Chair, which is made by a Korean company, and effectively combines the common pastimes of sex and laziness!

The Pearl Royal Vibrator
Looking to splurge on vibrators that are encrusted with diamonds, pearls and even sapphires? Well if you got a billion dollars in the bank, buying the $1 million Pearl Royal Vibrator won’t be much of a fuss!

This luxurious bedroom apparatus is as pricey as the houses on Beverly Hills or St. Tropez! And of course, it’s made from solid patinum too, which your berdoom mate, or favourite Brisbane Escourts, won’t mind using all the time!

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