Brisbane Escourts – The Sad Facts & Figures Regarding Post-Sex Blues

Sex is an activity that a lot of men and women cherish, and look forward to doing, almost always. But what’s surprising is that there are people who actually feel so sad and depressed, after having sex! Under normal circumstances, most people feel sensations of well-being and psychological, as well as physical, relaxation after sex.But for some, they experience extreme anxiety, melancholy or even irritability, after sex. Here’s a look at some sad facts and figures about post-sex blues.

Brisbane EscourtsTen Percent Of Women Feel The Blues After Sex
According to a study conducted by Australian researchers on 200 young women, who were quizzed about their sex life, it was noted that one in three young women have said that they experienced post-coital depression or sadness at some point in their lives. Have you ever asked our girlfriend, or even the lovely Brisbane Escourts that you date, if they ever felt so sad after having sex?

The study was conducted by Robert Schweitzer, of the Queensland Institute of Technology. Schweitzer notes that “under nomal circumstances, the resolution phase of sexual activity, or period just after sex, elicits sensations of well-being, along with psychological and physical relaxation.

However, those who experience post-coital dysphoria or sadness, often express their sexual feelings interms of tearfulness, anxiety, irritability and feelings or restlessness. More research however, is required on the extent of post-sex blues in some age groups.

It’s Actually Called Post-Coital Tristesse (PCT)
According to sex and mental healthe experts, the real name of the post-sex blues is actually PCT, or post-coital tristesse, which is derived form the Latin phrase “post-coita”, and the French word “tristesse” which means sadness.

What causes it? Well, it involves the hormone prolactin, which women have to make milk, although men have it too (but women may seem to have greater amounts of). The body creates it after an orgasm to counteract the release of dopamine, which is the hormone responsible for sexual arousal.

Because sex is all about connecting with someone, while the release fo dopamine makes the person great while they’re having sex, the problem is when the reality sinks in after sex. Thus, some feel scared or nervous about commitment, while others feel the need to get some emotional or even physical distance from the peson they just had sex with.

If you suddenly feel the blues right after sex, it would help if you seek guidance and the expertise of a doctor or mental health profesisonal. But if you feel so happy, and so relaxed after sex, then worry no more, and don’t ever forget to call, and date the hot and lovely Brisbane Escourts!

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