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If you were asked to name at least two or three of the best sex positions of all time, perhaps you’d be including stuff like the Doggy-style or Missionary. But could you name the worst sex positions of all time? If you’re having a tough time deciding which ones are the shittiest, or the most challenging, here’s a list of a few of the worst sex positions or techniques of all time.

The Squat Sex Position

If you’re looking for a new and quite challenging sex position to try out with your girlfriend, or with the hot and alluring Brisbane Escourts, here’s one sex position that you should never, ever try, and it’s called The Squat Sex!

Brisbane Escourts

How does this work? Well, the guy lies on his back, knees bent and legs akimbo, while the woman squats between his legs facing him, and her feet on either side of his chest, and then she bounces up and down his penis (What the fork?).

Well, if you are an accomplished break-dancer, or the sort of person who can mime sitting on an invisible chair, then by no means do this. But a better alternative would be to sit in a way that’s comfortable to both of you, and knee pads are suggested, if only to make the experience less horrendous!

The Head Over Heels Sex Position

So, how does this mind-boggling sex position work? For starters, the lady kneels on the floor and rests her head on her arms. Next, the guy lifts her feet, and holds them at his waist height, then shags her like this is an X-rated of the wheelbarrow race! Well, if you are a Yoga or circus enthusiast, I would not be surprised why this sex position appeals to you.

The Joystick Joyride Sex Position

For this truly tough move, the guy lies on the floor on his back, and the lady sits on his penis. Next, she starts swivelling her hips in figure-of-eight motions, and moving the guy’s penis inside her as she would a joystick for a video game!

Well, if you think these sex positions are truly life-threatening, perhaps you and your girlfriend, or the lovely Brisbane Escourts should stick to the more vanilla stuff like the missionary, or the doggy-style!

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