Brisbane Escourts – These Sex 3 Tips Will Give You a Leverage in Bed

Are you looking to give her the best night ever? Or perhaps you want to make sure that she’ll be in pleasure all night long? Either way, as what Brisbane Escourts say, it’s always best for men to think of ways to satisfy their partners in bed. It’s of utmost importance that you, as a man and her partner, have what it takes to nail her right. Well, speaking of which, why don’t you keep in mind some of the tips below so as to leverage your sex A-game.

Brisbane EscourtsMake Her Wet All the Time

If a girl is dry, it’s not her problem – in reality, it’s yours. You can either try to spit or use a lube. Either way, the idea is make her wet even before the actual penetration starts. Moreover, add some slow and steady caresses. If she’s kind of picky, then it’s time to add a new ingredient to the recipe. Use your brain when in the bedroom – it pays to do so.

Don’t Penetrate Her Way Too Fast

Remember the term “Jack Rabbit?” You know, the old pump-and-pump-until-she-comes method? This one here is sort of a reminiscent of teenage fumbles when you had no idea of what you were doing. Heck, you just thought of sex as a thing that involves thrust. You see, there are lots of women who don’t like the idea of being jacked too fast. Some of them, if not all, want to take things slow. Of course, you can always up the ante. But the idea here is to do it according to how her body reacts. If she tends to beg for more, then do it. If you think she needs more beating, then give it to her but not too fast.

Explore Other Parts of Her Body

Yes, the breasts and pubic area are obvious hot-spots; however, they get a lot hotter when stimulated in conjunction with other areas. Try kissing and gently stroking her neck, back, stomach and inner thighs. Explore other erogenous areas of her body.

Looking for more of these tips? Then better get in touch with Brisbane Escourts now! Give them a call whenever you can.

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