Brisbane Escourts – This Sexual Fetish Called Cuckold

Here’s a new kind of fetish enjoyed by many, or shall we say correctly, it’s been around for the longest time and yet, very rarely talked about in the open. Those who are into BDSM may have already heard the words ‘cuck’ and ‘cuckolding’. It used to be that ‘cuck’ in the past referred to a man having an adulterous partner or wife, in particular. And he’s being made a fool since he isn’t even aware his wife is cheating on him.

Today however, those words are taking on new meanings and in fact, are fast becoming a favourite of bondage practitioners. If you happen to know what the practise is all about, would you be willing to engage in cuckolding? For the sake of role play, you can actually make the marvellous Brisbane Escourts as your ‘accomplices’.

For those who support this kind of fetish, a cuck is the man who gets sexual pleasure by watching his wife have sex with another man. Of course, this other guy isn’t her husband! Why would husbands do that in the first place? And why would wives be willing to commit adultery? Well, blame it to kink.

Brisbane Escourts

Couples Think Cuckolding Is An Enjoyable Fetish
Yes, men who go into this have their own reasons. Of course, apart from getting a different kind of high, they say there are the wife’s needs that they aren’t capable of meeting. One self-proclaimed cuck who was interviewed on this subject claimed that the element of escapism seems appealing to him. Being able to break away from the restrictions of daily life, meaning letting another man fulfill his wife’s needs while he, the husband watches, kind of gives him a sense of sensual pleasure. It’s actually a stress reliever for him.

These days when you mention ‘cuckold’, it’s no longer regarded as a mockery, but rather, a beloved sexual fetish. The act itself, wherein a husband is watching his lady do the dirty with another man, is a source of carnal pleasure. Often times, when someone is ‘coerced’ into watching his partner ‘become unfaithful’, there is formed a masochistic kind of love being humiliated. It’s what makes the fetish enjoyable for couples. It now makes cuckolding a subset of the BDSM kink world!

If you think that the fetish concerns only the husband, then, you’re wrong. Advocates have come up with hot-wifing, like in hot-wiring a car. The female cuckolds called cuckquean also like to watch their men have sex with other persons. And this depicts submissiveness. Even lesbian and gay couples love this risque and gratifying sexual fetish.

Now, if you were married, would it interest you if your spouse makes love with any of the sleazy Brisbane Escourts?

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