Escourts Brisbane Online | 5 Ways To Prevent Today’s High-Tech Gadgets From Ruining Your Sex Life

Modern technology has influenced almost every aspect of our lives, from the way we do research to how we communicate with peers, go dating, etc. There’s one problem however – technology is also ruining our sex lives. If you’ve experienced going to sleep with the iPad in your face (and your wife’s on the smartphone too), maybe it’s time to make some serious changes. Here are 5 innovative ways on how to prevent today’s tech gadgets from ruining your sex life.

Escourts Brisbane OnlineHow Serious Is The Threat of Technology To Our Sex Lives?

According to a survey commissioned by Durex, and undertaken by Durham University in the US, a significant number of couples are sadly letting their gadgets take over their sex lives. In a survey of 15 couples, 40 percent admitted that they spent moe time on their iPads or smartphones, than have sex. Surprisingly, the other 40 percent used the gadgets to do sexting, or film their bedroom trysts with their wives or chosen Brisbane Escourts.

How To Keep Smartphones & Other Gadgets From Ruining Your Sex Life

While more couples are putting off sex and are spending more time checking their emails or text messages, and reading the news (or watching movies online), there’s actually an easy way to balance your daily life, with your sex life. Here are a couple of innovative suggestions to remember.

1. Keep All Gadgets Out Of The Bedroom

The bedroom should be a space where couples relax, and spend time nourishing and enriching their love and affection for each other (and for enjoying great sex). But if your laptop, iPad or mobile phone’s lights keep flashing all night, and signalling the coming of a new text message or email, then how are you going to spend quality time together? The room should be free of all those gadgets, period.

2. Turn Off Phones And Other Devices At A Certain Time

While it’s true that we need to be within easy reach of our bosses, co-workers and business associates during the day, it would perhaps be overkill if we still allow work to intrude into our private lives at night. To achieve a beter work-life balance, try turning-off the mobile phone, laptop and other gadgets, starting from 7 or 8 p.m. This should enable you to spend quality time with your girlfriend or spouse.

3. Discuss Curbing Gadget Use With Your Partner

If you’ve already turned off all your gadgets atnight, but your partner is stil checking her email (or reading the news at 11 p.m.), then this setup’s definitely not going to work. Discuss the issue, and talk about the damaging effects of the tech gadgets on our emotional and sex lives. Perhaps after a few minutes of explaining, your partner will accede to your requests.

4. Don’t Check Emails or Text First Thing In The Morning
Instead of immediately checking the smartphone or texts and emails the minute you wake up, why not have a morning snuggle first (or do something more), and have a cup of coffee or tea with your partner.

5. Put All Gadgets In The Study or Home Office

To fully reclaim the bedoom, and keep all kinds of tech gadgets away from it, couples could try leaving all their devices in the study room or home office, and safely store them in the drawer. Organise a schedule for using the devices, and keep the away from the living toom and dining area too.

By keeping the gadgets at bay, you’l be able to reclaim your lost, or severely-eroded sex life (and have more quality time with your spouse or favorite Brisbane Escourts). Not only will these methods increase intimacy with your partner, but it will also help you relax, and get more sleep too.

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