Genital Touching Exercises That Are Beneficial to Guys

While it’s true that most men only touch their genitals when they masturbate, scratch or urinate, many sexual therapists say that they are actually missing out on learning about different types of touch. So, to enhance your sexual health and longevity, here are a couple of genital touching exercises to help you explore further.


Who says that you should only be touching your dick or balls when you jerk off, pee or when they itch? Don’t you know that by learning the art of genital touching, you can improve your sexual prowess, and make your girlfriend, as well as the lovely Brisbane Escourts, more happy and satisfied in bed?

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To prepare yourself, try to allow at least 45 minutes for this exercise, switch off your phone, lock your door and keep away from any distractions. Make sure your room is warm and comfortable too, and get a hand mirror to help you start with the massage. Next, get to know your body first, by running your fingers over your penis and scrotum, as well as notice the different textures and the weight in your hand.

Explore and Experiment

Use a hand mirror to look at the underside of your penis and scrotum, and see how it all fits together, and feel the area. If you press above the base of your penis, you can feel your pubic bone, and place your thumb there (with the other finger in front of your scrotum).

Squeeze gently and you’ll feel the tube that connects the testes to the urethra, which is near the base of the bladder. Experiment with different touches and strokes that you enjoy most. Also notice which areas of your penis and scrotum are more sensitive than others.

Hopefully, this exercise should enable you to further discover your body, and it would, in the long term, enhance your sexual longevity too, as well as make your hookup buddies, including your most preferred Escourts Brisbane Online, very happy and satisfied!

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