How Solo Sex Benefits Your Sex Life

A lot of people say that masturbation isn’t necessary for human survival. And yet, a huge sector of society says otherwise – that a healthy dose of solo sex gives a person lots of benefits, especially when it comes to sex life.

Pretty sure, you’ve done self-pleasuring a lot of times before. And the way you look today, your GF and even the attractive Brisbane Escourts will agree that masturbation has done wonders to your performance in bed.

75The Perks of Masturbation Many Couples Aren’t Even Aware Of

  1. A Way of Telling What Feels Good and What Doesn’t

Sex experts say that self-exploration teaches you about your personal sexual response. It’s a good communication tool in telling your lover what feels good and what doesn’t. If you have a problem with ejaculation, all the more ‘me-time’ can help you since it makes you familiar of the inevitability and thus, can make you better master your sense of control.

  1. A Fantastic Balancer

Now, if you and your partner have differences in your libido, and the other one isn’t capable of humping at the moment, then one of you can actually go solo to relieve your stress which will eventually help you sleep better.

  1. Improves Immunity And Overall Well-being

According to a study about Sexual and Relationship Therapy conducted in 2007, men who jerk-off have better functioning of their immune system, at the same time, experience good prostate health. As for women, their pelvic floor muscles are strengthened when they wank, along with reduction of back pain and leg cramps during their periods. Aside from that, wanking is found to help ladies achieve an improved blood circulation.

The Downside of Solo Play

Nonetheless, sex and relationship experts just have these words of caution – that anything in excess isn’t good. Therefore, masturbate in moderation. Studies have shown that those who are highly obsessed in jacking-off with the usage of digital and visual aids often lose their interest in partnered sex. Instead, they feel that orgasm is much better achieved through solo play than having it with a mate.

At this stage, do you find partnered sex less desirable? If so, you can think of ways to make your solo experience become more in-sync to that of your partner’s ability to arouse you. If not, then, let the hot Escourts Brisbane Online stimulate you!

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