Brisbane Escourts | Tips to Watching Porn with Your Partner

Did you know that couples who watch porn eventually experience better sex? If you haven’t considered asking your partner to join you for a porn film, you may want to now. Watching a racy film together is good for your relationship. You may be nervous about it – it’s different from engaging one of the […]

Brisbane Escourts – Today’s Top Sex Positions and How to Train for Them

To perform your best you need mobility, strength and flexibility, and this is regardless of what physical activity you undertake. But what about performing your best in the bedroom? To be sure that you’re prepared for anything in the bedroom, our strength and conditioning experts have created a roundup of exercises to help you perfect […]

Brisbane Escourts – This Sexual Fetish Called Cuckold

Here’s a new kind of fetish enjoyed by many, or shall we say correctly, it’s been around for the longest time and yet, very rarely talked about in the open. Those who are into BDSM may have already heard the words ‘cuck’ and ‘cuckolding’. It used to be that ‘cuck’ in the past referred to […]

Brisbane Escourts | The Worst Sex Positions of All Time

If you were asked to name at least two or three of the best sex positions of all time, perhaps you’d be including stuff like the Doggy-style or Missionary. But could you name the worst sex positions of all time? If you’re having a tough time deciding which ones are the shittiest, or the most […]

Brisbane Escourts | 3 Amazing Foreplay Tips That You May Haven’t Tried Yet

If you haven’t done foreplay all your life, then forgive me for calling you a wimp! But then again, if you do foreplay regularly, rejoice because foreplay is a very important component of sexual pleasure. And since guys can take just 3 minutes to orgasm during sex, the ladies need a little more time and […]

Brisbane Escourts – Amped-Up Facts & Figures About Audio Porn

Perhaps you may already have had more than your fill of porn videos, or even online erotica. But have you ever heard of something like – audio porn? Well, if you are a true-blue fan of those moaning, sexy noises, or that of having your partner talk dirty to you when the lights are off […]

Brisbane Escourts | Smartphone Apps To Help Regain That Heat In Your Declining Sexual Delivery

Has your libido little by little disappeared in the atmosphere? It might be for the reason that you’ve fallen short of tricks for making instances sweltering under the covers, or you made your companion feel drowsy from disgust! The best thing, there are smartphone apps to help regain that heat in your undoubtedly declining sexual […]

Brisbane Escourts | Smartphone Apps To Put Back That Spark To Your Lousy Sexual Delivery

Has your sexual fitness gone to the dogs little by little? It might be because you haven’t had enough ideas on how to turn situations piping under the covers, or otherwise you made your mate sleep out of boredom! The nice part, you can find smartphone apps to help put back that spark to your […]

Brisbane Escourts | 3 Secrets to Keep Trouble at Bay When Becoming a Couple

Have you noticed that dating becomes more complicated the older you get? In your teens, it was likely just a fun distraction, something to occupy you besides school and worrying about your social life. Once you’re building a career, it takes a backseat to many things. Of course, you could simply engage one of the […]

How Solo Sex Benefits Your Sex Life

A lot of people say that masturbation isn’t necessary for human survival. And yet, a huge sector of society says otherwise – that a healthy dose of solo sex gives a person lots of benefits, especially when it comes to sex life. Pretty sure, you’ve done self-pleasuring a lot of times before. And the way […]

Genital Touching Exercises That Are Beneficial to Guys

While it’s true that most men only touch their genitals when they masturbate, scratch or urinate, many sexual therapists say that they are actually missing out on learning about different types of touch. So, to enhance your sexual health and longevity, here are a couple of genital touching exercises to help you explore further. Preparation […]

Brisbane Escourts – 4 Helpful Rules to Live By, For Guys with Small Dicks

Whether you agree or not, the truth is that not all men (and even women) are created equal. Thus, some guys have well-chiselled abs, while others are reed thin. And of course, while some guys have large porn star-like dicks, some guys have cute and tiny wieners!   And if you’re one of those who are […]

Brisbane Escourts – Light the Fire of Your Relationship Once More

Every relationship has something called the “honeymoon phase”, where your new partner is everything to you, you have exciting dates, and sex – when it happens – is electrifying. Unfortunately, this phase passes, and soon the dates become routine, and it’s hard to get excited around each other. That particular spark going out is one […]

Brisbane Escourts – Helpful Hints on How to Get Rid of “Blue Balls”

If you’ve tried getting all hot and ready for action in bed, but you suddenly stopped, or lost interest all of a sudden, perhaps you got so shocked or surprised to find out that your ball has literally turned blue! Yes, there is a condition called “blue balls”, and in medical circles it’s called involuntary […]

Brisbane Escourts | New Study Notes That Men Can Spread The Zika Virus Sexually Even If They Have No Symptoms

Oh my, there’s just no stopping the onset of new (and more deadly) viruses. From AIDS to the bird and swine flu, now comes another terrifying ailment that evolved from the jungles and cities of South America, and it’s called the Zika virus. But if you think that it’s only pregnant women who should worry […]

Brisbane Escourts – What Do Couples Fight About Before They Break Up?

If couples fight, that’s because it’s normal in any relationship, and that they have a right to. Yet, how do you differentiate a healthy fight from one that’s telling you “this-is-it-I-quit” type of combat? If your partner doesn’t want sex tonight, would that cause you any trouble? How about if you didn’t kind of like […]

Brisbane Escourts – 3 Sex Positions She Badly Needs in Bed

When it comes to sex, women sometimes have the desire to take control or dominate the action. According to Brisbane Escourts, it’s one way for them to help themselves get into the peak. That’s why, as much as possible, you need to give her the driver’s seat. That way, she’ll experience the kind of sex […]

Brisbane Escourts | 3 Costly Foreplay Errors That Guys Should Avoid At All Cost

What would sex be, without foreplay? Well, it would perhaps look and feel mechanical, or utter lifeless. On its own, sex is very much mechanical, where the guy inserts his penis into the girl’s vagina, and etcetera. But instead of boring yourself and your partner with the same opening act over and over again, why […]

Brisbane Escourts – Make Her Beg For Sex Using These 5 Tricks Now

Before you can even enter a woman’s pussy, you need to win her heart. According to Brisbane Escourts, men should learn the ways to making a woman go gaga over them. That, in one way or another, they’ll tend to beg for sex. You see, despite women having different taste towards things, they all have […]

Brisbane Escourts – These Sex 3 Tips Will Give You a Leverage in Bed

Are you looking to give her the best night ever? Or perhaps you want to make sure that she’ll be in pleasure all night long? Either way, as what Brisbane Escourts say, it’s always best for men to think of ways to satisfy their partners in bed. It’s of utmost importance that you, as a […]

Brisbane Escourts – 4 Easy Ways to Make Her Beg For More of You in Bed

When it comes to sex, a woman’s pleasure is of utmost importance. It can make or break your chances of getting her into bed in the next future. Hence, as advised by Brisbane Escourts, men should know how to make her beg for more. That way, she’ll keep coming back for more of those pleasure […]

Brisbane Escourts – 4 Secret Ways to Effectively Make a Girl Horny

Making a woman horny is not easy, but it’s of utmost importance. After all, it’s what helps you bring her to bed. However, as warned by Brisbane Escourts, it can be a make and break – failing to do so can result in an unpleasant outcome. Hence it’s best to have the exact know-how. If […]

Brisbane Escourts | 3 Fun Ways to Giving a Woman the Best Sex Ever

Of course, you’ve probably heard a lesson or two on how to satisfy your woman in bed. After all, men always love to talk about sex. However, according to Brisbane Escourts, not all tips are effective; hence you need to filter them out. And once it’s done, you’ll see the difference of which ones that […]

Brisbane Escourts | Ingenious & Easy-To-Apply Ideas For Joining The Mile High Club

Have you ever planned on joining the ”Mile High Club”? Nope, this isn’t an airline rewards plan or program, where you get free airfare for every credit card points you accumulate. In fact, the Mile High Club refers to those who love having sexual intercourse while flying on-board an aircraft (i.e. passenger plane). For some, […]

Brisbane Escourts | The Newest & Sweetest Body Spots That Can Help Elevate Foreplay

In conventional terms, “foreplay” is defined as “a set of emotional and physically intimate acts between two or more people, and is meant to create sexual arousal and desire for sexual activity”. And depending on the type and intensity of the relationship between two or more individuals, the foreplay can range from simple kissing and […]

Brisbane Escourts – Lovely Ladies Make Perfect Companions | Brisbane Escourts

Whether it’s just for an hour, for a day, or for a weekend, having one of the lovely babes featured in the pages of Brisbane Escourts is sure to be an enjoyable time. You can relax and be completely honest with them; they’ll listen to your woes and keep you company. It’s like having a […]

Brisbane Escourts – Lovely Ladies Make Perfect Companions

Whether it’s just for an hour, for a day, or for a weekend, having one of the lovely babes featured in the pages of Brisbane Escourts is sure to be an enjoyable time. You can relax and be completely honest with them; they’ll listen to your woes and keep you company. It’s like having a […]

Brisbane Escourts – The Most Convenient Positions for Sex in Cars, Tents, Closets & Dressing Rooms

What’s so nice and exciting about the great outdoors, that’s luring many people today to the thrills (and spills) of risky sex? While some have sex outdoors just for the heck of it, for others it’s because they’ve got so turned on, that they just can’t wait to get home! However, you don’t want to […]

Brisbane Escourts – The Stuff To Expect When Going Into Sex Therapy

Are you experiencing sexual issues with your spouse or partner? Or are you suffering from problems like premature ejaculation or loss of libido? The trouble with most people is that although they’re experiencing sexual problems, the last thing they want to do is talk about it. However, there’s a safer, more discreet venue or forum […]

Brisbane Escourts – 3 Tips to an Awesome Ménage à Trois (Threesome)

According to Brisbane Escourts, most of their clients would go numb with the idea of ménage à trois. Yes, they want it but tend to get scared due to the fact that they don’t know exactly how it should work – let alone how to start one. Nevertheless, threesome is something that every couple must […]

Brisbane Escourts – The Sad Facts & Figures Regarding Post-Sex Blues

Sex is an activity that a lot of men and women cherish, and look forward to doing, almost always. But what’s surprising is that there are people who actually feel so sad and depressed, after having sex! Under normal circumstances, most people feel sensations of well-being and psychological, as well as physical, relaxation after sex.But […]

Brisbane Escourts – The Priciest Sex Toys Of The Modern Era

A three thousand dollar wooden bondage whip. A $2,500 prostate massager, and a million-dollar dildo. If you think these are just fictional items, well they’re not. In fact, you’ll find these costly yet stylish and well-constructed sex toys in many high-class sex shops or stores today! Here’s a peek at a few of the world’s […]

Brisbane Escourts – Body Parts That Women Wished Their Partners Would Touch More

Most men think that women only get aroused when they touch, kiss or fondle their vagina, breasts and butt. But what most men don’t know is that women have pleasure sensors all over their body, and are not just concentrated in the three areas mentioend earlier. By stimulating the other often-neglected parts of the woman’s […]

Brisbane Escourts – 4 Tips On Sending Sleazy Texts To Girls You Plan To Hook Up With

If you like someone, or let’s say you’ve got the hots for a girl, how do you start opening up to her? Do you begin by sending dirty or sexy texts at the onset? But since you don’t know anything yet about the girl’s bedroom style (or sexual desires) and all you have at your […]

Brisbane Escourts | Cybersex – A Balanced Look At The Two Main Types Of Users Or Patrons

The rise of the Internet has revolutionised how we live today. It has made it easy for us to do research, work at home or anywhere, shop and pay for products and services online, and do just about anything, including having sex. However, there’s been a lot of bad stuff written about those who do […]

Brisbane Escourts | Nigeria & Mexico Top The Sexual Happiness Indicator, While Japan Remains The Least Happy

In any given second, millions of people all over the world are having sex. However, the quality of each nationality’s sex life differs, and this of course is due to each country’s culture and tradition. But who tops the sexual happiness indicator? According to two surveys conducted by global condom-maker Durex, the Nigerians and Mexicans […]

Brisbane Escourts | Current Statistics On Infidelity That Can Ruffle Even The Occasionally Promiscuous

If you’ve read one of the articles in one of Playboy Magazine’s recent issues, you’d probably be surprised at the current figures about flirting and infidelity. It says that 2 out of 3 women, and 3 out of 4 men, admit to having sexual thoughts about a co-worker, and 81% of women and 86% of […]

Brisbane Escourts – An In-Depth Look At The Minds Of People Who Have Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

We all know that sex is something that couples do on a regular basis, not just for procreation, but for fulfilling their sensual and erotic desires too. However, like anything else that’s done in excess, sex can be bad for the mind and body too. Here’s a brief, but somehow in-depth look at what goes […]

Brisbane Escourts Stories | The Bachelor Orgy

I was expecting, at most, 5. There were seven. That’s 2 more away from a basketball team. One, when it’s volleyball. The first thought I had was, “What have I gotten myself into?” I may be a Brisbane escourts, but that does not mean I am equipped for an orgy. I thought I was there […]

Escourts Brisbane Online | 5 Ways To Prevent Today’s High-Tech Gadgets From Ruining Your Sex Life

Modern technology has influenced almost every aspect of our lives, from the way we do research to how we communicate with peers, go dating, etc. There’s one problem however – technology is also ruining our sex lives. If you’ve experienced going to sleep with the iPad in your face (and your wife’s on the smartphone […]

Brisbane Escourt – The Heart of Sensuality In Authentic Flesh

The globe you’re living in is the concrete description of everybody’s illusions. They all commenced with a desire and with the help of technology and application, you are able to see it in its awesome and actual development. Great isn’t it? How it all began with a desire… A mere goal… Having such analogy and […]

Brisbane Escourts – Eye-Popping, Distressing Facts About Porn Addiction

As a famous saying goes, “too much of everything is bad”. This saying can perhaps also relate to how much time you spend watching porn. According to recent surveys, 3 out of 4 men view porn at least once a month, while porn use is also common in women, with 1 in 3 ladies watching […]

Brisbane Escourts – 4 Reasons Dick Size Shouldn’t Matter

In the similar way that ladies have the tendency to feel inferior about the dimensions of their bust, males also have some anxiety issues with the dimensions of their penis. It can become rather intimidating when ladies assess you by your primary physical property. Yet you know what, for the sultry vixens of Escorts in […]

Brisbane Escourts | 4 Exciting Rules Of Quickies – Brisbane Escourts

Picture yourself as the finest geek in a quiz bowl event. You sense the euphoria and fear speeding through your blood and it just electrifies your very being to the core. Don’t be judgemental, and grasp the situation. Letting all reservations aside, you come into such a notion that such experience is indeed pleasurably thrilling. […]

Brisbane Escourts – 5 Tips to Pleasure Her Orally

In sex, going below the belt is something both male and female partners like to do – and the other party welcomes it avidly. The voluptuous ladies showcased in the pages of Brisbane Escourts agree that getting oral from a guy is great for clit stimulation. The wetter down there, the more mind-blowing the sex […]

Escorts in Brisbane: fantastic Companions in Sex and Romance

As a seat of various stunning hot spots in Australia, Brisbane is a flourishing city that does a great job in economy and tourist attractions. Fall in love with what the city can give to its locals and foreign visitors. With its kaleidoscope of terrific destinations, engaging festivals and a lot of exciting things about […]